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How Does the BMW X7 Compare to the Mercedes-Benz GLS in Colorado Springs?

Mercedes-Benz GLS

Are you currently shopping new luxury SUVs in Colorado Springs and you're considering the versatile and sporty BMW X7 for your family travels? We have brand new BMW X7 trim packages ready and waiting to prove worthy for your daily travels around Colorado! If you're the many who are conducting new SUV research on some of today's top luxury vehicles, below are some features offered by the BMW X7 that make it a better buy than the Mercedes-Benz GLS.

Interior Options

If you're looking for more interior style and luxury on the interior of your SUV, the BMW X7 offers, the GLS is more basic with plain black-based interior leather, whereas BMW uses more two-tone leather seating options which give more luxury and a sophisticated-sense to every commute.

From multimedia and connectivity and steering with wireless device charging, and both offer the panoramic sunroof option. However, the BMW X7 offers second and third-row rear-seat heating and climate control, whereas the GLS does not, which makes all the difference when traveling Colorado in the wintertime.

Cargo Capacity

If you're interested in a full-size SUV that offers essential cargo area for your family gear or when bringing home large store-bought items, the GLS can't compete with the BMW X7 when only offering a total of 84.7 cubic feet of full cargo space with both back seats folded. The BMW X7 gives drivers 90.4 cubic feet of cargo which enhances payload capacity if you don't wish to call a friend who owns a truck to move your next big purchase.

The BMW X7 vs. The Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade
  • Power. At Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs, the BWM X7 is one of our favorite models to recommend to customers because it puts them in the driver's seat for how they want their three-row SUV configured. Not only are there multiple trim level options, there are also three impressive robust engines available, starting with a turbocharged six-cylinder, then moving up to a turbocharged V8, and, finally topping off with a whiplash-inducing twin-turbocharged V8 option with 500 horsepower. The Cadillac Escalade, on the other hand, doesn't offer any choice. Every model gets V8 power and, at 420 horsepower, it's not as impressive as the X7 on the open road.
  • Size and drivability. Any Colorado driver will tell you, when the snow flies and starts to pile up, having an SUV with a good amount of ground clearance can really come in handy. The BMW X7, with a nice 8.7 inches of ground clearance, can make quick and easy work plowing through any snow drift. Plus, a wheelbase that's more than 122 inches means it's a smooth ride as well. The Escalade, with a shorter ground clearance at just 8 inches and a smaller wheelbase, can handle our snowy days as well, but there's a much better chance you'll feel those bumps.
  • Passenger comfort. Whether you have small children or growing teenagers, space inside a family SUV is important. The BMW X7 has more than two inches of extra headroom in the front seat than the Escalade, as well as more than an inch of added headroom in the rear.
  • Standard and optional features. BMW understands that when you're taking your family on road trips, whether they're long or short, having extra tech at your fingertips can go a long way in keeping the little ones happy in the backseat. The BMW X7 has an optional, dual-screen rear seat entertainment system to help, while Cadillac just discontinued theirs and doesn't offer it in the current Escalade lineup. Elsewhere, the BMW also outshines the Cadillac with many premium amenities listed as  standard equipment across the board, including navigation, wireless device charging, and four-zone auto climate control.

The BMW X7 vs. The Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator
  • Fuel efficiency. You have better things to spend your money on than gas, and the BMW X7 will help you go further in the Colorado Springs area on your fill-up than the Lincoln Navigator. The BMW X7 has an EPA efficiency rating of 22 mpg combined, while the Lincoln is rated for just 18 mpg combined. Plus, the BMW goes around 438 miles in the city and 548 miles on the highway per full tank of gas, while the Navigator averages just 371 miles in the city and 487 miles on the highway.
  • Personalization. BMW understands that drivers like choices, and that they like options when it comes to getting their SUV designed to suit their personality. To that end, the BMW X7 is offered in a remarkable 11 interior color scheme options. Meanwhile, you only get your pick of just four interior options when considering the Lincoln Navigator.
  • Engine options and power. Beyond appearances, the BMW X7 also gives you a wider range of options to consider when it comes to what's under the hood of your SUV. Every Lincoln Navigator, regardless of trim level, houses a turbocharged V6 engine under the hood. But, with the BMW X7, you get to choose how much power you get. The BMW X7 has three impressive powertrain options available, starting with a similar turbocharged V6, then including an optional turbocharged V8, and, finally, topping off with an incredible twin turbocharged V8 system. In terms of power, this means you can expect a maximum of 450 horsepower from the Lincoln SUV, while the BMW tops out with a pulse-racing 500 horsepower.
  • Standard all-wheel drive. When the snow flies and starts to pile up in and around Colorado Springs, many drivers rely heavily on their all-wheel drive systems to keep them safely on the road and deliver traction when it's needed most. If you're searching for all-wheel drive on your luxury SUV, consider the BMW X7, where the signature BMW all-wheel drive system xDrive comes as standard equipment across the board. The Lincoln Navigator, on the other hand, comes standard with rear-wheel drive, although all-wheel drive is available as an option on special request.

The BMW X7 vs. The Lexus LX 570

Lexus LX 570

Power and Performance

When taking a look at the engines of both the BMW X7 and the Lexus LX 570, we see that both provide a powerful engine under a stylish body. When you choose either of these vehicles, you will want to make sure you are getting the most powerful engine with the highest levels of reliability on the market. The BMW X7 gives you the most power in a side-by-side comparison, providing you with an impressive 456-horsepower. The standard engine of the Lexus LX 570 falls short with 383 total horsepower and a towing capacity of 7,000 lbs.; the BMW X7 can tow up to 7,500 lbs.

The Extra Mile in Infotainment

When you are driving around Colorado Springs, you will be able to stay connected and feel as comfortable as possible in the BMW X7, with seating available for seven passengers. The maps, apps, and music you desire is always available in the BMW X7, with this SUV giving you all the infotainment and navigation you need on a 12.3-inch screen. You will find both vehicles give you excellent center console options but the voice-activation of the BMW X7 makes this a car you will be proud to own and drive with no shortage of passenger space to enjoy.

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