At Winslow BMW, we've taken service to an exquisite level -- in fact, the idea is downright Genius. We offer you three ways to take advantage of this personal service: in person, on the phone, or with an app.

BMW's new Genius program means you'll meet a specially trained professional in a relaxed atmosphere. A Genius will help guide you for the best experience possible, before, during and after your purchase, or even if you're just browsing. We want you to be comfortable at Winslow BMW -- we don't believe in pressuring our visitors or clients.

During your journey, a Genius will help you discover the BMW that best suits your lifestyle and individual and family needs. 

Our Genius will be at your service for anything you need to make choosing, buying, owning and handling the Ultimate Driving Machine your dream come true.

When we first deliver your BMW, he or she will personally help you download the new BMW App on your smartphone or tablet, connect your car to Bluetooth, set a destination with BMW navigation, or learn about your car's safety, connectivity, and performance features in case you want to impress yourself or your passengers.


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  • James Ostermeier
    BMW Genius
    (719) 354-8329

    Hello, my name is James Ostermeier and a BMW Genius here at Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs. I have been with BMW since the middle of 2021. I have a passion for BMWs and the automotive industry. I built computers and software before I started here, so I have a great knack for technology and can help you with any problems that arise with your BMW. I'm currently attending Pikes Peak State College to get my bachelor's degree in business administration.


Ask a Genius or Request an Encore Appointment

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After you've driven your vehicle for a few weeks or so, you'll want to schedule your personalized in-person Encore Appointment by simply calling 719-473-1373 or completing the form. 

During your Encore appointment, a Winslow BMW Genius will meet with you one-on-one to answer any of the questions or curiosities you may have after trying out your Ultimate Driving Machine.  After all, the better you know your vehicle, the more enjoyment it will bring you.


To discover your vehicle's innovative qualities, BMW App, Why not learn as much as you can about your new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned BMW? After all it is the Ultimate Driving Machine.


Would you prefer to learn more about your BMW over the phone? Our Genius experts will be delighted to assist you in learning about the technology and features available at your fingertips in your vehicle.

Call 1-844-4Genius (443-6487), Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (MST), or email us at bmwgenius@bmwusa.com.