As a new BMW dealer serving the greater Colorado Springs, CO area, we can safely say that our new BMW portfolio has some serious stopping power, both literally and figuratively. There's no denying that our latest BMW models have the power to make you stop in your tracks and take notice, but they're also exemplary when it comes to stopping on a dime to boot. And when you have winters as rough as those we experience here in Colorado Springs, that sort of stopping power can make all the difference in the world.

Now, BMW has always shown the utmost attention to detail when it comes to the performance credentials of its car, and that doesn't just mean how fast models like the new BMW X1 and new BMW X3 go from 0 to 60 mph; it also applies to how quickly they can go from 60 to 0 mph.

As such, many of our newest BMW SUVs feature ventilated anti-lock disc brakes with the innovative Dynamic Brake Control system. This outstanding new technology leverages sensors to measure the speed and force with which you apply the brakes to detect and improve effectiveness of braking in emergency situations, helping you to stop in the shortest distance possible which is imperative in slippery winter driving conditions.

In fact, even when you look to larger BMW SUV models like the new new BMW X5, you'll find that a combination of a well-tuned braking system and the Dynamic Brake Control technology dramatically shortens their braking distance relative to their rivals. So, if you're interested in a new luxury SUV you can truly feel secure driving around Colorado Springs, CO this winter, drop by Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs to explore your options today.

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