Certified Pre-Owned SUV Models Come with Numerous Advantages

Whether you’re looking for a Sports Activity Vehicle ® (SAV ®) or a Sports Activity Coupe ® (SAC ®), you can find a quality one in our certified pre-owned inventory. We have a wide range of Certified Pre-Owned BMW SUV models to choose from, like the BMW X1, X3 and BMW X5. These vehicles are similar to used model vehicles but with some subtle differences. Check out a few of the differences below!

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Ensured

The main difference between a used BMW and a certified pre-owned (CPO) BMW is that their quality is ensured. Every CPO BMW has gone through a rigorous multi-point inspection to be considered a CPO model. They examine the SUV for any issues and fix them before putting them out on the lot. This does mean that they cost slightly more but this is a small price to pay for ensured quality.

Comes With a Warranty!

Another aspect of CPO models that may give you a bit more peace of mind is that they tend to come with a warranty. This will cover certain issues and repairs on your vehicle so that you can enjoy your BMW without worry. If the unlikely does happen and something goes wrong with your vehicle then you have no reason to worry because you are covered!

A Similar Price

A CPO model does tend to cost more than a used BMW. Although, this cost is due to the warranty and the quality of the vehicle. Also, a CPO model tends to cost less than a new model so you are getting many of the same advantages of buying a new model vehicle without the new model price! At the end of the day, this means that you are getting the most bang for your buck!

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