Shattered Visibility with a Windshield Crack or Chip

It is amazing that one moment you can be driving down the road and the next a vehicle next to you kicks up a tiny rock and suddenly you have anywhere from a small chip to a regular crack. So you may debate what to do next, but you should really consider a windshield repair or replacement. That tiny chip or crack has the potential of becoming something worse if left unattended. Besides letting the elements in, an unrepaired crack can easily become a large web of destruction that prevents you from viewing the road correctly. If poor visibility doesn't inspire you to look into getting a windshield repair, there is the possibility of the crack becoming larger as time progresses. Your windshield really is a vital component to your safety in the car, and a damaged windshield that starts out small can be a smaller replacement whereas if you let it go, it can become more extensive. If you have happened to have a crack or chip in your windshield, contact us at Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs for assistance with your vehicle.

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