BMW 2 Series: Capture the Horizon

Since its debut in 1968, the BMW 2 Series has impressed drivers and critics alike. Impressed, on second thought, might be a bit of an understatement. That's because BMW 2 Series has been a repeated recipient of Car and Driver's 10 Best, and is ranked on Consumer Reports highest-rated vehicles ever. The car gets its immense power from BMW's M Performance TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter engine, capable of offering a 320-horsepower output that's bound to liven up your ride home. Best of all, the car's exterior doesn't just turn heads when you're looking for a parking spot at lunch —it works as an attribute to the car's already impressive aerodynamics, helping to keep your speeds up and fuel costs down. The entire lineup of 2017 BMW 2 Series vehicles are ready to help you conquer your next horizon. Visit Winslow BMW this week to test drive one for yourself.


Just another relaxing Sunday. The #BMW #2series Convertible.

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