BMW Innovation Days 2017 Focuses on User Experience

As a part of the company's NUMBER ONE > Next strategy, the BMW Group is hosting BMW Innovation Days 2017. Through this event, the automaker will outline the development of its current and upcoming technologies. Ultimately, the purpose of these advancements is to make the user experience for BMW owners more convenient.

In order to achieve this goal, BMW Group divides its service portfolio into four parts including My Car, My Life, My Journey, and My Assistant.


  • My Car is for vehicle-related services. It make functions such as climate control easier for you to use and provides reminders for auto financing and maintenance appointments.

  • My Life is for lifestyle-related services. It simplifies connectivity to third-party platforms, allowing you to access entertainment and information with greater ease.

  • My Journey is for mobility-related services. It not only offers navigational support but sends notifications like "time-to-leave" to your personal device too.

  • Finally, My Assistant is—as the name suggests—a digitized assistant. It will help keep track of your day-to-day activities and connect you to Concierge Services as needed.


These are the four pillars of how BMW connectivity and digital services aims to please loyal customers. So if you reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and would like to experience this exclusivity firsthand, then visit us at Winslow BMW today.


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