The BMW X5 xDrive35i: The Humble Athlete

As one of BMW’s most popular SAVs, the X5 is a lot of things to a lot of people on the performance spectrum. For some, it’s a plug-in hybrid (xDrive40e), or a diesel with a lot of torque (xDrive35d). Then, there are the petrol engines, which offer from 300 horsepower up to 567. But which model is the best for a balanced sense of performance?

Autoguide says an xDrive35i with a few M Performance components will more than fit the bill, especially considering engaging steering feel, chassis rigidity, and suspension tunings already standardize the bones of the X5’s performance chops. Coming with 300 horses, and the broad torque curve enabled by the thankfully-lagless turbocharger, power is easy to come by. It’s even easier when you throw the X5 into sport mode for some fun!

To learn more about why the xDrive35i is more humble athlete than sports superstar, take a look at Autoguide’s video, or contact our BMW dealership in Colorado Springs, CO. We can educate you on our models, and schedule you for a test drive.

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