BMW Launches 2-Series Gran Tourer

Although it hasn't made it to North America yet, BMW has officially launched its first 'minivan.'  The catch is; however, that this isn't your run-of-the-mill, soccer mom van.  Its sleek and compact design is all BMW -- along with its exceptional power.  Check out the release video of the 2016 2-Series Gran Tourer below and let's start begging our European friends to start sending them our way.


The Gran Tourer seemingly brings together the best of both worlds: the capability and handling of a world-class sports car with the spacious design that busy lifestyles require.  It's innovation and functionality all rolled into the world's first premium compact model to offer seven seats!

Here at Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs, we would love to see the 2-Series Gran Tourer, but, in the meantime, we have an equally impressive inventory of new BMWs for you to explore.  Swing by our dealership today to test drive an all-new BMW.

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