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You’ll Love Your Certified Pre-Owned BMW, Just Don’t Be This Guy…

When you buy a Certified Pre-Owned BMW vehicle, you might be surprised at how new it feels. That’s because Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) BMWs are held to extremely high standards, so that when you climb behind the wheel it looks, drives, and feels like a new BMW. And we’re willing to bet you’re going to want to treat it like a new BMW, protecting it from scratches and dents, but don’t be like the guy in this next video, or you’ll never even get out of your driveway!

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Follow Along with KBB’s Micha Muzio as he Shares the Ins and Outs of the BMW X1 Sub-Compact SUV

While the 2016 BMW X1 may not be as large and imposing as its older siblings in BMW’s lineup of SUVs, it still has big value to offer Colorado Springs drivers who are looking for an authentic BMW experience, the high-quality materials and engineering, and the added utility of a sub-compact SUV, without the extra bulk and heft of a regular SUV. Well, if the BMW X5 and the BMW X3 caught your attention but proved to be more car than you needed, you’ve got a gem in the BMW X1. Check out the Kelley Blue Book review…
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The Best and Worst States for Summer Road Trips



Summer is officially here! School's out and everyone's feeling a little bit sunnier these days. It's the perfect time for that road trip you've been thinking about! Before you finalize your plans, however, take a look at WalletHub's "2016’s Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips."

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New 2016 BMW M2 is a Worthy Sequel to the M1, Says Motor Trend

The legendary Bavarian automaker is known for introducing ground-breaking first edition sports car models, but sometimes lets up on the accelerator when it comes to the follow-up versions. Motor Trend recently reviewed the new 2016 M2 and happily reports that BMW has turned out a very worthy successor to the popular M1. Click "play" in the video clip below to watch the full report.

Motor Trend leads with the most attention-grabbing stats: the 2016 M2 accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds and brakes from 60 mph to stop in just 107 feet. The M2 is powered by a…

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2016 BMW i8 is the Epitome of Vehicular Wizardry


With the 2016 BMW i8, it seems our esteemed German automaker has once again worked its automotive magic and delivered to the world something never before seen.


Are we at Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs surprised? No. Are we impressed, though? Oh, heck yes.


And, if you're at all wondering why we're so enthusiastic about it, we suggest you scope the clip below. Auto Trader UK Road Test Editor, Ivan Aistrop, is here today to highlight some of the i8's best qualities:

Offered on a single trim, the i8 serves up top-shelf technology in spades.

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BMW Builds a Smarter SUV with the Spanking-New 2016 X5 xDrive40e


If you've kept pace with our blog page here at Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs, you may recall a post from a few months back in which we profiled our standout midsize SUV, the X5.


Well, we hope you saved room for seconds, as today we'd like to showcase the newest member of the crossover clan, the 2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e.


And here to help us get things going is Cars.com commentator, Kelsey Mays. Hear his thoughts on the X5 xDrive40e in the clip below:

There's quite clearly a lot to love about the sole trim…

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BMW M3 and M4: Meet the Track Stars

On the market for a street legal luxury power trip that's equally at home on the track? Thanks to BMW M, we have not one, but two winning propositions for you. Meet the new M3 sedan and M4 coupe, which come decked out with a beastly engine, state-of-the-art tech, and more.

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Auto Trader UK Exalts the Extraordinary 2016 BMW X5


Consistently one of the most popular -- and increasingly populous -- classes in all of autodom, the midsize luxury SUV segment is teeming with competition. Yet, while other models have come and went, ours -- the BMW X5 -- has remained.


How has this stalwart SUV managed to withstand the test of time? Auto Trader UK Senior Road Tester, Paul Bond, is here to provide some insight:

While all X5s are excellent, the luxury-laden xDrive50i is, in many ways, in its own lane.


Standard features on this top-tier trim include the most potent powertrain of the pack -- a 445-horsepower turbo-V8, at that --

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