Conventional Oil? Synthetic Oil? What's the Difference?

You've likely heard of synthetic oil, and quickly dismissed it, like a lot of people do, as simply an artificial oil that might hurt your car. Actually, synthetic oil is slightly misnamed. Although it is synthetic, it's actually natural oil that has been processed at the molecular level to operate and remain viscous at higher and lower temperatures than natural, conventional oil.

When your engine heats up, the oil surrounding the moving parts has a tendency to break down, and the additives in the oil --- the detergents --- break down as well, leaving your engine dirty. Your engine needs to keep those parts from touching one another. There needs to be a thin film between the moving parts, or your engine will be damaged. Synthetic oil doesn't fall apart; its additives remain active at extreme temperatures.

Call your dealer and see your professional technicians and ask them about synthetic oil. See if it is right for your vehicle and the way you drive.


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